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Fur turns up the volume-Highlights of the American and European collections


Fur is again the latest fashion must-have to emerge from the recent runways of New York, Milan, Paris and London. International designers reinforced fur as this season’s fashion essential with new shapes, new fur colorations and treatments and a spectrum of styles ranging from linear modernist coats and jackets to embellished looks infused with romantic and bohemian influences.


The diversity of new fur looks had an impact on the runway collections. The season’s move toward leaner silhouettes saw the emergence of short-haired and sheared furs, while shapes with more volume, inspired by 50’s couture, featured long-haired fur for o fuller, more rounded silhouette. The importance of fur on the runway this season was augmented by notable new faces entering the arena for the first time. Designers have discovered the versatility of fur and have enthusiastically taken it in new and exciting directions.


The mood for change: Designers set the shape of fashion on a new path for Autumn/Winter. Lean, linear unembellished shapes emerged this season, frequently in black or white, offering a modern alternative to fashion’s fuller, more decorative silhouette. Many of the slender, minimal looks evoke the mod 60’s. Collarless black karakul slim coat and the severe but shapely white duffel coat with a dramatic natural fox collar.


At the opposite end of the scale, a rounder, more voluptuous silhouette inspired by 50’s Balenciaga couture, lent volume and softness to shape via new treatments and cuts. At the same time, belted coat styles and fit and flare looks offered the best of both silhouettes.


Influences: Designers drew inspiration from the past-from romantic bohemians and czarinas to menswear- inspired dandies and officers. this season’s decorative styles are replete with fur and embroidery.


Colour: As shape has evolved, a more natural colour statement is evident now, with black, white and neutral hues prevailing on the runway. From modern, clean-lined shapes to more romantic embellished styles, black fur is a standout this season, ranging from mink to dyed fox and karakul.